2024 Crop NGMO Certified Grower Network

Dear Producer,

Over the past few years, consumers have grown increasingly interested in where and how their food is grown. Because South Dakota Soybean Processors (SDSP) is committed to giving food companies the information their customers demand, we are continuing the Certified Grower Network. This survey will help SDSP provide food companies with traceability of the products we sell as well as information on practices used to grow them. In addition, the program will assist SDSP in better communicating with our grower base.    

We are inviting producers who are growing or considering growing Non-GMO soybeans to sign up at this time.

The first step to becoming a Certified Grower will be for you to complete Survey #1.  Please complete and return Survey #1 by January 31, 2024 to the contact below. To apply electronically, visit our website at www.sdsbp.com.
Your second step to become a Certified Grower will be to confirm your practices and planted acres. To do this you will need to complete Survey #2 which will be mailed and posted on our website in early July.

As an incentive, Certified Growers will receive a 10 cent per bushel premium on all Non-GMO soybeans marketed to SDSP during the 2024 crop year. Note: producers must complete Survey 1 & Survey 2 to receive the 10 cent per bushel premium. Certified Growers will also be granted priority status when other programs and trials become available. Currently enrollment in the program is voluntary; producers are not required to participate in order to sell soybeans to SDSP. However, please be aware that Certified Growers may have priority for contracting and delivery. Information provided in the surveys may be used for internal marketing and planning purposes but will not include the disclosure of personal information.

Ideally, this program will expand over time to become an important link between consumers and growers. Thank you for considering this chance to be a part of the SDSP Non-GMO Certified Grower Network. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Kari VanderWal or Connor LeBrun at 1-888-737-7888.  

Please submit survey to:
South Dakota Soybean Processors, LLC
PO Box 500
Volga, SD 57071