Soybean Hulls

GMO • Non-GMO • Organic

SDSP is offering Non-GMO soybean hull pellets out of our Miller/St. Lawrence, SD plant. For more information please call Daryn at 888-737-7888.

South Dakota Soybean Processors is a leading producer of soybean hulls used as a fiber source in dairy, swine, beef and sheep diets. SDSP produces both loose and pelleted hulls. We also produce Expeller Pressed Non-GMO and Organic hulls. These identity preserved methods are backed by the Non-GMO Project Verification and USDA Organic certifications.


SDSP has the ability to supply product via rail hopper, truck hopper, and tote quantities.


For more details or questions, please contact one of our merchandisers at 888-737-7888.

Soybean Hull Quotes

MonthGMO Price/TonNon-GMO Price/Ton
Nov160Call for current prices
Dec150Call for current prices


Soybean hulls are on an allocation basis. Please call before coming in to load.