NON-GMO Soybean Pricing

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NON-GMO Soybeans – Increase The Value Of Your Soybean Crop

South Dakota Soybean Processors buys Non-GMO soybeans for delivery to our Miller/St. Lawrence, SD facility. SDSP also offers a premium for these Non-GMO soybeans. Please see our addendum detailing our receiving, grading and pricing protocols for Non-GMO soybeans.


Click here to review SDSP’s Non-GMO Contract Addendum


SDSP will not accept Calyxt™ or any other gene edited or biotechnology soybean varieties per our NON-GMO Project Certification


For more details or questions, please contact one of our merchandisers at 888-737-7888.

Current Topics

PL and Spots are not currently offered.



Beans delivered to Miller/St. Lawrence with moisture at 14% and above are subject to rejections.


Defer payment contracts – We are now paying $.02 per bushel per month.

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