Building Futures in South Dakota

Building Futures in South Dakota

South Dakota Soybean Processors is pleased to announce the awarding of scholarships and employment to Sutton Williams and Christian Sauer.  Both students were selected through our participation as an industry partner with the Build Dakota Scholarship program.

South Dakota Soybean Processors recognized that our future need for skilled electricians aligned with the training and education received by students graduating from the Electrical Construction and Maintenance program offered at Mitchell Tech.  After an interview and selection process of prospective Build Dakota applicants, Mr. Williams and Mr. Sauer were offered, and accepted a Build Dakota Scholarship and future employment with South Dakota Soybean Processors.

Through this unique opportunity, both students will attend Mitchell Tech with their tuition, books, tools, and laptops covered by the scholarship, will graduate with no student debt, and are guaranteed positions in their chosen field at South Dakota Soybean Processors for three years following graduation where they will hone their skills and advance their careers.

After graduation, Sutton Williams, of Dell Rapids will be based at High Plains Processing in Mitchell, SD. and Christian Sauer, of Harrisburg, SD. will be based at South Dakota Soybean Processors in Volga, SD.  We arehonored to participate in establishing the foundation of their successful careers, and we extend our warmest congratulations to them both on their promising futures here in South Dakota.

South Dakota Soybean Processors will host a private celebration and awards event on June 11, 2024.  In attendance were community leaders, Mitchell Tech representatives, our two scholarship recipients and their parents, and their future SDSP team members and leadership.