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Soybean Oil

South Dakota Soybean Processors, LLC (SDSP) produces quality Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized Soybean Oil from the soybeans our local Producers deliver to our facility in Volga, SD.  With the addition of a Deodorizer in early 2011, SDSP is now able to help supply the Food Industry.  Our line of Soybean Oils can also be found in several Industrial applications, Biodiesel, and various Livestock diets.

In December 2011, SDSP achieved Safe Quality Foods Institute Certification.  Acquiring SQF 2000 Level 2 Certification ensures that SDSP’s Soybean Oils are of premium quality.

For more details or questions, please call 888-737-7888 or email SDSP today!  

Soybean Salad Oil - Product Specifications

Product Description: A fully refined, bleached, and deodorized vegetable oil derived from soybeans.

Origin Declaration: All oils produced at South Dakota Soybean Processors, LLC is product of the USA.

Kosher Certification: Kosher certified – Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

Ingredient Declaration: Soybean oil.

Product Specifications:
Typical Analysis:

Moisture (%)
0.05 Maximum
Color, Red (Lovibond)
1.0 Maximum
Color, Yellow (Lovibond)
20.0 Maximum
Free Fatty Acid (%, Oleic)
0.05 Maximum
Peroxide Value (me/kg)
1.0 Maximum
Iodine Value (cg/g)
126 - 139
Cold Test (hours)
10.0 Minimum
OSI @ 110ºC (hours)
6.5 Minimum
Clear and Brilliant

*All determinations by AOCS methods.
*Additives (TBHQ and Dimethlypolysiloxane) available upon request.

Shelf Life: SDSP recommends that bulk shipments of this product be used within 4 weeks of receipt for optimal quality.

Shipments: Available in following bulk quantities…

  • Rail – 185,000 and 205,000 net lb capacity car(s)
  • Truck – 50,000 net lb capacity tanker(s)