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Check Out Our Oil and Protein Premium Program - ValueTrak!

We would like to introduce you to our new quality information program called ValueTrak. This program provides you, as a producer, valuable feedback on the quality of the soybeans you deliver to SDSP. Please use this ValueTrak “tool” to make informed decisions on improving your soybean quality through seed selection and as a barometer of how your soybean quality compares to that of other producers in our trade area.

Our goal of the ValueTrak program is to improve the soybean quality in the northern growing regions through careful variety selection that is backed up with sound and reliable quality information.

As you may know, soybeans grown in the northern growing regions of the US are typically lower in crude protein and oil content when compared to the soybeans grown farther south, namely Iowa and south. As we compete in the world market with our soybean meal, we are typically at a disadvantage to the southern processors that crush soybeans with higher levels of crude protein and oil.

This program will be implemented as the driver for our Quality Premium Program (QPP), as we will be paying out premiums every quarter based on the Estimated Processed Value (EPV) of the soybeans you deliver. So, here is the scoop - instead of paying based on Oil and/or Protein content as we have in the past, we will now pay premiums to the best 25% EPV soybeans delivered in the quarter.  Thus we will be paying cash premiums to the highest quality soybeans that we receive each and every quarter!

The EPV is determined from the oil AND protein content of your soybeans and is expressed as a value of converting the protein and oil in your soybean into soybean meal, oil and hulls. 

Click here to see a sample of the ValueTrak Report. This will be mailed out quarterly and will provide valuable feedback to the producer on the quality of the soybeans delivered to SDSP.

Quality to Strive for:

Optimum Soybean Quality for Crushing is 19% Oil & 35% Protein

  1. Note: This soybean will give you an EPV of 148.9

For more information on ValueTrak please contact us at 888-737-7888 or email